Migration Research Cluster

Migration Research Cluster

Migration Research Cluster faculty

The Migration Research Cluster is a research network bringing together Economists, Sociologists, Political Scientists, Historians, Demographers and Law Scholars working on issues related to international migrants and migration. In particular, the researchers in the Cluster study how international movements of people are driven by economic, demographic, political, historical and social determinants and how they reshape the economy and society of the receiving countries. 


Migration Research Cluster Main Office
1266 Social Sciences and Humanities
One Shields Avenue
University of California, Davis

Phone: (530) 752-4938
Email: migrationcluster@ucdavis.edu
Website: migrationcluster.ucdavis.edu
Social Media: Facebook

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Driving Directions


Giovanni Peri, Professor and Chair, Department of Economics

Holly Lefebvre
Nandini Bhandari
Afnan Nadim Shukry ​​​​​​​

Distinguished Associate Faculty
Luis Eduardo Guarnizo
Kevin R. Johnson
David Kyle
Philip Martin
Joanna Regulska
Leticia Saucedo
J. Edward Taylor

Associate Faculty
Erin Hamilton
Robyn Rodriguez
Gabriel (Jack) Chin
Katherine Eriksson
Omar García-Ponce
Jacob Hibel
Bradford (Brad) Jones
Jeannette Money
Caitlin Patler
Santiago Pérez
Andrés Reséndez
Shayak Sarkar
Ashish Shenoy
Cecilia Tsu
Rose Cuison Villazor
M. Anne Visser

Michel Beine

Current Graduate Students
Jia Lin (Grace) Chieh
Fan Lu
Robin Savinar
Cynthia Van Der Werf Cuadros

Past Graduate Students
Gaetano Basso
Diane Charlton
Dr. Ali Chaudhary, Ph.D.
Daniel Jacob Leraul
Kevin Shih