Humanizing Deportation

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The Border Separates Families, But Never Feelings

In response to general lack of first-hand knowledge regarding the experience of deportation and removal, and the consequent dehumanized narratives on the topic, the Humanizing Deportation team is producing an online open access archive of personal stories about deportation. Policy debate on deportation tends to be driven by statistics, with little attention to human experience. This project will make visible a range of humanitarian issues that mass human displacement has generated as the result of its management on both sides of the US-Mexico border.

It employs digital storytelling, a digital genre that puts control of content and production in the hands of community storytellers (deportees and others affected by deportation and portability), to produce a public archive that will give a human face to the deportation crisis.


Humanizing Deportation
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Principal Investigators

Robert Irwin, Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese at University of California, Davis
Guillermo Alonso Meneses, Professor, Department of Cultural Studies (Colegio de la Frontera Norte)

Research Team
Rafael Alarcón Medina
Ana Luisa Calvillo
Lizbeth de la Cruz
Sarah Hart
Jessica Ordaz
Yairamaren Román Maldonado
Danae Valenzuela
Marlene Mercado
Marinka Swift
Rigo Nava
Dörte Kresbsbach
José Israel Ibarra González
John Guzmán Aguilar
José Solorio Ramírez
Antonio Solorio Ramírez