Undergraduate Courses on Migration


ECN 190 (Topics in Economics)
Santiago Perez, Assistant Professor, Economics

The course will explore the economics of international migrations. Specific topics include the study of how immigrants are selected from the population of the countries of origin, how immigrants assimilate into their countries of destination, how immigration influence the economy of the destination country, how immigration influences those left behind and how migration policy is conducted around the world.
Course Syllabus


CST (Cultural Studies) 206: Studies in Race Theory
Robyn Magalit Rodriguez, Associate Professor, Asian American Studies


ASA (Asian American Studies) 2: Contemporary Issues in Asian America
Robyn Magalit Rodriguez, Associate Professor, Asian American Studies

ASA 150: Filipino American Experience
Robyn Magalit Rodriguez, Associate Professor, Asian American Studies


SOC 104: Political Economy of International Migration 
David Kyle, 
Associate Professor, Sociology

This course explores the patterns and drivers of international mobility drawing on diverse social science theories. Though historical legal immigration waves to the U.S. are covered since 1800, particular attention is given to contemporary forms of unauthorized, irregular migrations, including the movement of refugees, the use of human smugglers, the role of migration brokers, and to a lesser extent on human trafficking into modern-day slavery.