Call for Papers from Doctoral Students: 'De-Carceral Futures' workshop, Queens University

Call for Papers from Doctoral Students:

Sharry Aiken, Lisa Guenther, and Stephanie J. Silverman are organizing a workshop in May 2019 at Queen’s University Faculty of Law in Kingston, Ontario, called ‘De-Carceral Futures’. We are issuing a special call for applications from doctoral students whose research links to the aims of the workshop described in the Concept Note. We aim to fund 3 Ph.D., SJD, or DPhil students to come to Kingston to present their research, and to receive and provide feedback to the other participants.

With regrets regarding the shortened timeline, we require an abstract plus 2-page CV emailed to Ms. Natalie Moniz-Henne at by 12 October 2019.

Many thanks,
Lisa, Sharry, and Stephanie

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