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2203 SS&H (Andrews Conference Room) | UC Davis

The National Agricultural Worker Survey (NAWS) began to interview workers employed on crop farms in calendar year 1988, and has interviewed over 70,000 workers in the past three decades.

This conference examines NAWS and other farm labor data.  The first presentations review three decades of NAWS data, and compare recent NAWS data to USDA Census of Agriculture and other farm labor data.  NAWS Panel 1 reviews research using NAWS data to understand farm worker employment and earnings, while NAWS Panel 2 focuses on the use of NAWS data to understand farm worker health and use of public services. The data user panel highlights how growers and advocates use NAWS data.

All presenters are asked to consider (1) whether the NAWS methodology of multi-stage sampling to account for seasonal and regional fluctuations in farm employment or other aspects of the survey’s design need to be modified, and (2) whether the NAWS questionnaire should be modified to collect better or additional data.

The report of the conference will include recommendations to the US Department of Labor’s (DOL) Employment and Training Administration (ETA) on the NAWS methodology and questionnaire, which will be discussed during a half-day seminar and Webinar at ETA.

We are grateful for the support of ETA and the UC Ag Issues Center and the Gifford Center.  For further information, contact Philip Martin,

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8:15 AM


8:45 AM


    Philip Martin, UC Davis
    Daniel Carroll, DOL

9:00 AM

30 Years of NAWS Data
    Daniel Carroll, DOL

9:30 AM

Farm Labor Data 2017 (20 and 10 minutes)

    Census of Agriculture and Farm Labor Survey, Curt Stock, National Agricultural Statistic Service
    EDD, Brandon Hooker and Dave Dahlberg, California Employment Development Department
    Discussants: Philip Martin, UC Davis, Dan Sumner, UC Davis

10:45 AM


11:00 AM

NAWS Panel 1. Farm Worker Employment and Earnings (20 and 10 minutes)

    Tim Beatty and Ali Hill, UC Davis
    Anita Pena, CO State
    Ed Taylor and Zach Rutledge, UC Davis
    Discussants: Giovanni Peri, UC Davis, Philip Martin, UC Davis

12:15 PM


1:15 PM

NAWS Panel 2. Farm Worker Health and Welfare (20 and 10 minutes)

    Erin Hamilton, UC Davis
    Fadi Fathallah, UC Davis
    Discussants: Steve McCurdy, UC Davis, Paul Leigh, UC Davis

2:30 PM

NAWS Panel 3. Farm Worker Health and Welfare (20 and 10 minutes)

    Overview of COA, FLS, and QCEW, Tom Hertz, USDA
    Susan Gabbard, JBS
    Discussants: Dave Dahlberg, Curt Stock, Tom Hertz

3:45 PM

NAWS User Panel 4 (15 minutes)

    Bryan Little, California Farm Bureau Federation
    Lupe Sandoval, California Farm Labor Contractor Association
    Katy Wilcoxen, California Environmental Protection Agency
    Juan Regalado, ETA

4:45 PM Closing Comments
Daniel Carroll, ETA
    Philip Martin, UC Davis

5:30 PM



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