Migration Research Cluster

Immigration and Economic Performance Across Fifty U.S. States from 1980-2015

The fifty US states experienced diverse increases in immigration since 1980 but shared a similar institutional framework, which allows Tim Kane and Zach Rutledge to assess the impact of immigration on several macro-level variables of economic performance. They use data from a variety of public sources and the popular shift-share instrument to isolate exogenous variation in migration by state and decade since 1980.
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The Economic Effects of Youth Drain

In this paper, Giuseppe Ippedico exploits a sudden increase in emigration of young and educated Italian citizens during the period 2010-2015 and analyzes its effects on firm creation, local productivity, and innovation.
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MRC Faculty Symposium

In the MRC Faculty Symposium, the associates of the research cluster will present their research in a compact and thought-provoking way. They will touch economic, social, legal, and political themes linked to migration as well as historical and human-cultural ways of looking at this phenomenon.
  • International Center, Room 3119 | UC Davis
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Financial Immigration Enforcement

This research explores the implications for immigration (enforcement) created by this patchwork of financial laws.
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