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Postdoctoral Fellowship
Seminar Migration, Inequality, and Public Policies
El Colegio de México

The Seminar Migration, Inequality, and Public Policies (MIGDEP) invite everyone interested in participating as a postdoctoral fellow to submit their application for our 2018 program. Within the Network of Studies of Inequalities at El Colegio de México, the Seminar Migration, Inequality, and Public Policies aim to understand how migration is associated with different dimensions of inequality as well as mediating factors that reduce or increase them. We study emigration processes, as well as economic, political, and social integration processes at the destination, transit, and upon return. In the face of these scenarios, we analyze how public policies in general, and migration policies specifically, can mitigate inequalities. 
Desired profile
The ideal candidate must hold a Doctoral degree in Sociology, Demography, Economics, Political Science, Geography, or related disciplines, and have research experience in international migration, needs to be able to show how his scholarship is associated with inequality, and preferably able to study migration to North America (Mexico, United States or Canada). Show academic proficiency in English and Spanish. The candidate must have defended the doctoral dissertation up to four years before the publication of this application. This position is open for individuals of all nationalities.
Application process and required documents
Submissions will be received through July 15th, 2018. The registration will be online and the following required documents need to be attached as PDF files:

  • Updated Curriculum vitae
  • Doctoral degree or official proof showing that the candidate will graduate by the beginning of the postdoctoral fellowship. The selected candidate will need to show doctoral degree or letter of acceptance of the thesis defense.
  • Undergraduate and/or Masters degrees
  • Cover letter (3 pages maximum) describing research accomplishments, academic career, a justification of how his research agenda is linked with migration and inequality, as well as the methodological tools that allow for studying these topics.
  • Research statement (5 pages maximum) describing the research project to be carried out during the first (and second year, if contract is renewed), specifying objectives, research questions, methods, as well as the expected research products.
  • Three reference letters. Note: one needs to be from the PhD supervisor.
  • Published work or writing sample of work in progress that are relevant to the themes of the 

Applications will be received through July 15th, 2018. 

Postdoctoral Fellowship guidelines

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