Giovanni Peri research regarding how immigration fuels job creation and stimulates the economy featured in These Times

Migration Research Cluster

After more than two decades of living, working, and building a family in the United States, Cesar Rodriguez feels his life is in limbo as he is one of more than 300,000 immigrants at risk of losing their temporary legal status in the U.S. Rodriguez, part of a group of port drivers fighting for rights to join a union, is relieved to have parts of the labor movement on his side. The Teamsters is one of the labor unions taking a stand to protect TPS holders with the message that immigrant rights are worker rights. 

Peri comments that "Immigration in a local economy does not depress wages or reduce the job opportunities for American workers. Instead, it allows this place to continue to grow. On the flip side, harsh deportation campaigns can disrupt local economies and negatively impact wages and employment opportunities."

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