Giovanni Peri interviewed by The New Yorker to comment on the proposal to end the H1-B program and the foreign workers at Mar-a-Lago

Migration research culster

Professor Giovanni Peri was recently interviewed by The New Yorker for their piece regarding the foreign workers of Mar-a-Lago, a club owned by President Trump. The New Yorker pointed out the President's dim view of foreign workers in the technology industry, quoting the President saying he will "end forever the use of the H1-B as a cheap labor program."

Based on his expertise and research on H1-B workers, Professor Peri argued for the benefits of the H1-B program. He said that H1-B visa-holders provide reasons for tech firms to stay in the United States. "The cutting edge of innovation is usually in a place that is very diverse and open, and if this place loses its edge there is relocation,” Peri said.

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