Erin Hamilton awarded Fulbright-García Robles Grant

Migration research cluster

Associate Professor Erin Hamilton has been awarded the Fulbright-García Robles Grant to study the migration experiences of families with children in relation to Mexico-U.S. migration. 

Hamilton's study is titled, "Mexican Families with Children in a New Era of Mexico-U.S. Migration". The past decade has witnessed the emergence of a new era in Mexico-U.S. migration, in which the role of children in migration has changed dramatically. Hamilton will spend 5 months in Mexico studying the migration experiences of families with children. She will investigate how the role of children in Mexico-U.S. migration has changed over time, such that today there more than half a million U.S. citizen children living in Mexico. How did we get here? When, why, and how do families make decisions to migrate (or not) with children? And how do children understand their identities, plans, and experiences as they move between places and are separated from and reunited with family? And, finally, what are the consequences of this migration for children, their families, and the communities they exit and enter? 

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