Intergenerational Mobility Across Three Continents: Were the Americas Exceptional?

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2203 SS&H Andrews Conference Room | UC Davis

In this lecture, Professor Pérez compares rates of intergenerational occupational mobility in 1869-1895 Argentina to those in (1) 1850-1880 United States, (2) 1851-1881 United Kingdom and (3) 1865-1900 Norway. He finds that Argentina had levels of intergenerational occupational mobility that were very close to those of the US and above those of the UK and Norway. There was a sharp divide between Old and New World countries in terms of social mobility, with the latter featuring higher mobility levels than the former. He also documents large differences in rates of intergenerational occupational mobility across regions of Argentina: the difference between the least and the most mobile province in terms of mobility was of similar magnitude to the difference between the US and the UK in the period. 

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